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Rigging workshops and personal training options directly from a Disney artist

(English and Spanish available)

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Creating stylized facial rigs for production in Maya

Facial rigging 4-hour recorded workshop with Gnomon

Group Training

Training sessions for your professional team or student group

Tall Buildings

Rigs for sale

Personal rigs for sale

Tall Buildings


1 on 1 mentoring steps and information

How to start:

  1. Establish your learning objectives and send a message to inquire about availability Here or send an email directly to

  2. Expect to receive a response containing an estimation of the required sessions to achieve your specified goals, with a standard recommendation of two sessions per week.

  3. Agree with the instructor on a session schedule that align with your specific goals and budget to begin your learning journey.

Pricing Information:

  • The cost of this learning program is $250 USD per week.

  • Includes two live sessions up to 1 hour, daily availability for written questions, and assignments to work on between sessions.

Extra information: 

  • Mentoring duration estimate can vary from one week up to eight weeks, depending on individual requirements and needs.

  • Usually the initial session primarily focuses on imparting the necessary knowledge and skills requested, while the second session centers around review and feedback.

  • Session days and hours may be discussed depending on the availability of both parties. Missing a session without prior notice may result in a lost lecture.

  • Payment methods are flexible and can be discussed to find the most convenient option for both parties.

For group training, please ask for a custom plan and quote Here or send an email directly to


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